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Online Ordination FAQ

If you've just been ordained online, you've probably got some questions. This will provide answers to questions about legality of online ordination, performing marriages, starting a ministy, etc.

First International Church Of The Web Ordained Clergy Credentials Catalogue

Need printed credentials from our church? Our catalogue has everything you'll need!

How To Have A Tract Ministry

Interested in starting a tract ministry, but not sure what to do? This page will tell you everything you need to know, from where to get supplies, to how to insure your ministry is successful.

How To Prepare For Your First Sermon

Nervous about preparing your first sermon? Not sure what to do, or even how to get started? Not to worry, my friend. Everything you need to know about preparing that first sermon is right here.

Marriage Ministry Information Page

Excellent information from Rev.Dr. Lance Micklus on having a marriage ministry. Includes information on counseling young couples and gives detailed instructions on performing several different marriage ceremonies.

Lighthouse Point Enterprises

A ministry which supports itself by manufacturing and supplying clergy clothing such as traditional shirts, collars, and robes (cassocks). They have agreed to offer a %15 discount to clergy ordained through The First International Church Of The Web. Just deduct the %15 from the amount due on your order, and mention that you've been ordained through The First International Church Of The Web. It's quality, custom made clergy clothing at a great price with excellent service, and I personally recommend them.

International Bible Society

A great place to order bibles and audio tapes at a discount price. The more you order, the lower the price. They'll even stamp the name of your ministry in gold leaf on the cover for a small fee. Order online, or send for their catalog.

How To Start A Web-Based Church

Everything I know (almost) about starting and maintaining a church on the internet. If you'd like to start a web-based church, this page is for you!

Sermons, Stories & Illustrations

Preparing a sermon can be hard work. This site offers help with sermons, stories to add to your sermons, and illustrations to help get your point across.


The Pastor's Helper

The Pastor's Helper is a site dedicated to helping the contemporary pastor or other Christian worker to minister to the world in which we live.


The Preacher's Study

Help for busy preachers. Full text sermons, lessons, articles, and more.

Clergy Newsgroup

Okay, I know this link doesn't work. (Well, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.) I haven't figured out how to post a link to a newsgroup yet. But the name of the newsgroup is alt.religion.clergy, and it's a newsgroup dedicated to clergy of all faiths. It's a great place to engage in discussion with other members of the clergy, posts questions, get answers, etc. The complete URL is news:alt.religion.clergy.

Help make this resource page better! If you know of a great resource for clergy, send the information to Rev. David M. Ford at I'll add it to our page, and we'll all benefit from your contribution.

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